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Troubling report finds PFAS are turning up in dozens of public water systems across the US

https://www.businessinsider.com/report-finds-toxins-turning-up-in-public-water-systems-across-the-us-2018-8 (associated press) “EPA says it will prepare a national management plan for the compounds by the end of the year. But Peter Grevatt, director of the agency’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, told The Associated Press that there’s no deadline for a decision on possible regulatory actions” “The Trump administration called the […]

America’s Water Infrastructure Act Legislation Clears Congress, Awaits President’s Signature

From AWWA Connections ® A landmark water bill that passed the U.S. Senate last week reauthorizes the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) for two more years and removes its pilot designation, another key milestone in the American Water Works Association’s work to confront the water infrastructure challenge. “The reauthorization of WIFIA at $50 […]