Associations advocate for appropriate science in PFAS regulations

Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) regulations for drinking water limits are developing quickly, state by state, progressing to lower limits in many instances. EPA moves forward on its deliberate process of setting drinking water contaminant limits compound by compound, taking economic impact into consideration. Public pressure mounts, with campaigns by environmental advocacy groups, to bring forth new laws to expedite PFAS regulations at the state and federal level. Regulation of PFAS compounds in Massachusetts is proceeding with cleanup standards for groundwater (Massachusetts Contingency Plan regulations revisions) and drinking water regulations revisions Here are 4 relevant opinion papers on the subject:

MWWA Written Testimony on MCP regulations 310 CMR 40, FINAL, 7-18-19 (1)

2019.06.28 Health-Based Drinking Water Value Recommendations for PFAS in Michigan Report

awwa JointwaterlettertodefenseconfereesAug2019

Barlow 2019 PFAS Toxicology

In summary, let’s not rush the process of setting maximum contaminant levels for PFAS compounds in Massachusetts, but let the appropriate, well-founded science develop and prevail.

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