Senate Water Privatization Bill Splits Environmental Community

7/20/2020 “Senate Water Privatization Bill Splits Environmental Community: The private water organization is using NRDC to advance the bill (S. 2596) they favor in the Senate, while Food & Water Watch has organized a coalition of over 300 advocacy groups and unions to oppose the bill. NRDC and the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) … Read more

ITRC Launches Online Risk Communication Toolkit

from July 24, 2020 Deirdre White Drinking Water Headlines “The Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) has launched its online Risk Communication Toolkit for state personnel, other lead organizations, and stakeholders to understand and communicate risk associated with emerging environmental issues and concerns. The toolkit was developed by three ITRC teams: Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl … Read more

US House Passes EPA Spending Bill

7/27/2020 “House Passes EPA Spending Bill: The bill passed last week includes current funding levels for SRF and an increase in the rural water SDWA & CWA technical assistance programs. Also, the bill includes a special provision of $13 billion for EPA “emergency infrastructure investments” including more than $10 billion for the SRFs. This … Read more

NSA and CISA Recommend Immediate Actions to Reduce Exposure Across Operational Technologies and Control Systems

Original release date: July 23, 2020 “Over recent months, cyber actors have demonstrated their continued willingness to conduct malicious cyber activity against critical infrastructure (CI) by exploiting internet-accessible operational technology (OT) assets.[1] Due to the increase in adversary capabilities and activity, the criticality to U.S. national security and way of life, and the vulnerability of … Read more

EPA Will Not Regulation Perchlorate

from 7/27/2020 ” In a New Precedent, EPA Publishes Final Decisions Not to Regulate Perchlorate Under SDWA: The EPA has determined that perchlorate does not occur “with a frequency and at levels of public health concern” within the meaning of the SDWA and in the judgment of the EPA Administrator, regulation of perchlorate does … Read more

US House: “There’s Something in the Water: Reforming Our Nation’s Drinking Water Standards.”

from 7/27/2020 “SDWA Reform in House: On Tuesday, the House SDWA subcommittee will hold an oversight hearing on revisions to the Safe Drinking Water Act’s (SDWA) standard-setting process. The title of the hearing is “There’s Something in the Water: Reforming Our Nation’s Drinking Water Standards.” It is likely this hearing is being scheduled in … Read more