Mass Rivers Alliance Petitions for Conditions on Water Registration Volumes

Mass Rivers Alliance Proposes has recently petitioned MassDEP to impose water conservation conditions on Water Registration Volume renewals. Registrations will expire and renewals are due December 31, 2017. The requested conditions are as follows:
a) Preparation of a written water conservation plan that incorporates and achieves the Commission’s Standards, including but not limited to, 65 residential gallons per person per day (RGPCD), 10 percent or less unaccounted for water (UAW), and a seasonal demand management plan restricting outdoor water use, which also considers recommendations under the current Water Conservation Standards.
b) Require that the grant of all registration renewals be subject to the completion of the aforesaid plan; and
c) Require that all annual reports of registrations include all actions taken in accordance with such plan.
d) Require that all plans be subject to amendment to comply with streamflow standards and/or seasonal withdrawal restrictions as may be imposed by the Department upon further amendment of its regulations.

MassDEP must hold a public hearing for this petition, which has yet to be scheduled. PCWWA request your action in responding to this petition. Time is of the essence, so check back with us and offer your comments to MassDEP once the public process is underway!

Rivers Alliance MassDEP_Registration_Petition_Mar_2017

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