Mass. Supplemental Budget for PFAS Testing & Treatment

On December 13, 2019 Governor Baker signed a supplemental budget that included line-item funding for PFAS initiatives:
2250-2002.. For the testing of potential per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination of water supplies and for grants to support treatment and design of affected drinking water systems;  provided, that nothing in this item shall preclude PFAS impacted communities from seeking reimbursement for costs and expenses already incurred for testing potentially contaminated water supplies and the treatment and design of affected drinking water systems related to PFAS contamination; and provided further, that any unexpended funds in this item shall not revert but shall be made available for the purpose of this item until June 30, 2021…………… $4,200,000
1595-1200.. For an operating transfer to the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust to support drinking water programs to remediate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination of public water supplies, including, but not limited to, no-interest loans…………….. $10,650,000 (this was less than the $20 milliion he initially proposed)
This was DEP’s recent update on this:
“Availability of Funding for PFAS Testing
Last week, a Supplemental Budget was passed providing funding for: PFAS testing, design of treatment systems at PWS for the removal of PFAS, and 0% interest loans for PWS to install treatment. MassDEP will be contracting with labs to provide the free PFAS testing to PWS.
To indicate your interest in free sampling, if you have not already completed PFAS baseline sampling, you must complete a brief survey at or send a request with the information described in the survey (E.g. PWS name, PWS ID#, # of sources already tested, number of sources to be tested, and system population) to, Subject: “PFAS free lab analyses.”
We expect that the available funding is enough to test all the PWS in the state and will notify you when the program is available. We will also be creating a grant program to pay for design of PFAS treatment systems at PWS who exceed the MCL. MassDEP is currently considering how to apportion the grants. In addition, zero-percent interest loans will be made available for publicly owned PWS to install treatment to reduce PFAS levels to below the MCL. We will inform you when these programs are available. . . . ”

There was also funding added to the Clean Water Trust to increase capacity to fund infrastructure projects.
1595-1205.. For an operating transfer to the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust to support its purposes as set forth in chapter 29C of the General Laws, including to increase project capacity…………….. $9,050,000 (this was less than the $35 million that he initially proposed)

On January 3rd, Governor Baker proposed another supplemental budget which includes more funding for PFAS testing. Here is the snippet from the press release: “The bill authorizes $4.2 million to test drinking water supplies for potential polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination. This testing will support state and local efforts to determine the scope of the problem and to identify best solutions, and supplements the $4.2 million authorized in the FY19 final supplemental bill.” This proposed supplemental budget will now have to be taken up by the legislature.

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