Coldwater Fisheries Resources Mapping Revised; Implications for WMA Permitting

FW: MassGIS Data Update: DFW Coldwater Fisheries Resources Water suppliers renewing their Water Management Act permits or seeking new permits in subbasins face additional metrics when Coldwater Fisheries are mapped within the subbasin.  MassGIS has updated the mapped areas based upon recent data:  From: Trust, Michael (MassIT) Sent: Wednesday, February 01, 2017 11:17 AM Subject: MassGIS … Read more

Job Opening – Aquarion Water Company, Hingham Facility

Aquarion Water Company is pleased to announce a job opening for Water Treatment Plant Operator for their Hingham Facility.  Aquarion Water Company is a private water company operating water systems in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.  The Massachusetts headquarters is located in Hingham, MA at their 7.8 MGD surface water treatment plant.   The open … Read more

EPA Releases Guidance for Sampling and Field Testing During Water Contamination Incidents

FROM USEPA, JANUARY, 2017: To aid drinking water utilities in preparing for sampling and field testing that could occur during water contamination incidents, EPA released, “Guidance for Building Field Capabilities to Respond to Drinking Water Contamination.”  The guidance outlines basic and advanced field response activities and also provides information pertaining to staffing, quality assurance, and … Read more

EPA Updates Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in Drinking Water

FROM THE EPA, JANUARY, 2017: EPA has updated its Human Health Benchmarks for Pesticides in drinking water to reflect the latest scientific information. The benchmarks are levels of certain pesticides in drinking water or source waters for drinking water at or below which adverse health effects are not anticipated from one-day or lifetime exposures. First … Read more

MA Drought Management Plan Changes in the Works

Due to the 2016 drought, the MA Executive Office of Environmental Affairs intends to update the State’s Drought Management Plan (May, 2013 See Drought Plan FINAL 05-16-2013 pdf ). Please review the current plan to see if there are specific changes you would like to request.  Some revision requests that water suppliers may want to make … Read more

Job Opening – Town of Medfield

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Medfield, Massachusetts The Town of Medfield, MA is seeking applicants for the position of Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. The position works under the direction of the WWTP Chief and Assistant Chief Operators and performs necessary functions for the WWTP and pumping stations. The position is responsible for sampling of influent/effluent for … Read more

Legislative Update 12/29/2016

Massachusetts Senate Bill SB2124 – Joint Committee on Consumer Protection & Professional Licensure – An Act relative to performance of work on hydrants and certain components of fire protection sprinkler systems.  On 12/27/16 – this bill was laid before the Governor .  He has 10 days to sign or veto.    If he doesn’t it will … Read more