Past PCWWA Presidents

2023 Jason Trepanier (Town of East Bridgewater)
2022 Jason Trepanier (Town of East Bridgewater)
2021 Timothy Daniels (Town of Foxboro)
2020 Timothy Daniels (Town of Foxboro)
2019 Leanne Monaghan (Suez)
2018 Leanne Monaghan (Suez)
2017 Richard Muncey (Town of Hanson)
2016 Richard Muncey (Town of Hanson)
2015 Henri Renauld (Town of Mattapoisett)
2014 Henri Renauld (Town of Mattapoisett)
2013 John J. Marsh (Town of Easton)
2012 John J. Marsh (Town of Easton)
2011 Steven M. Sullivan (Town of Dartmouth)
2010 Steven M. Sullivan (Town of Dartmouth)
2009 Steve Bishop (Town of Mansfield)
2008 Neal Merritt (Town of Hanson)
2007 Richard Clark (Town of Halifax)
2006 John Tetreault (Town of Avon)
2005 Kurt Gaffney (Town of Mansfield)
2004 David Masciarelli (Town of Sharon)
2003 Douglas Billings (Town of Hanover)
2002 Ted Lavin (Town of Plymouth)
2001 Daniel Callahan (Town of Norton)
2000 John H. Fresh, Jr. (Town of Easton)
1999 George Clark (City of Quincy)
1998 Jack McInnis (Town of Norwell)
1997 Carl D. Hillstrom (Town of Duxbury)
1996 Wayne P. Southworth (Town of Easton)
1995 Lenny Boyce (Town of Dartmouth)
1994 Paul A. Brown (Town of Halifax)
1993 Michael Roderick (Town of Dartmouth)
1992 Barry W. Woods (Town of Dartmouth)
1991 Michael T. Coyne (Town of Weymouth)
1990 Jack Glaubin (Town of Pembroke)

1989 William Nicholson (Town of Mattapoisett)
1988 Richard E. Krugger (Town of W. Bridgewater)
1987 Joe Souza (City of Taunton) 1986 Robert Keary
1985 Harold Goodwin (Town of Weymouth)
1984 Martin Feroli (City of Brockton)
1983 William F. Jenkins (Town of Scituate)
1982 Wallace Darsch (Town of Hanson)
1981 Philip C. Beal (Town of Hanover)
1980 Al Cauicci
1979 Frank Brenner (Town of Plymouth)
1978 Richard O’Brien
1977 Everett Stoddard (Town of Hanover)
1976 Paul A. Brown (Town of Halifax)
1975 Robert Boise (Town of Bridgewater)
1974 Norbert Fredette (Town of Whitman)
1973 Cecil Wenchester
1972 Charles Dyke (Town of Bridgewater)
1971 Walter Allen (Scituate)
1970 Charles Morgan
1969 William Nickerson
1968 Lyman Howard (East Bridgewater)
1967 Willard Gage (Town of Bridgewater)
1966 Edward Keene (Cohasset)
1965 Frank Wittaker (Scituate)
1964 Edward Hill (Pembroke)
1963 Frederick T. Lebaron
1962 Russell D. Bartlett (Hingham Water Company)
1961 Fred E. Colby
1960 William T. Sherman (Scituate)
1959 Robert F. Woodbury (Town of Halifax)
1958 Robert F. Woodbury (Town of Halifax)