Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee helps to mold legislation and regulation that will cost-effectively allow members to continue to protect water sources and to improve the security and preparedness of water utilities.


Russell Tierney (Chair)

Committee Updates

Recent PFAS Actions in the Nation

For a roundup of recent PFAS actions in the Nation, including: EPA nominee promises “aggressive approach” on PFAS regulation EPA removes toxicity assessment on PFBS citing political interference EPA reissues…

US House Passes EPA Spending Bill

7/27/2020 ASDWA.org “House Passes EPA Spending Bill: The bill passed last week includes current funding levels for SRF and an increase in the rural water SDWA & CWA technical assistance…

EPA Will Not Regulation Perchlorate

from NRWA.org 7/27/2020 ” In a New Precedent, EPA Publishes Final Decisions Not to Regulate Perchlorate Under SDWA: The EPA has determined that perchlorate does not occur “with a frequency…