Special Projects Committee

The Special Projects Committee is a progressive initiative designed to address issues not commonly taken on by waterworks associations. We are fortunate to be supported by our communities, and we seek projects of all types in an effort to give back.


Steve Bishop (Chair)

Committee Updates

Trade Show Raffle

Hello Water Works Friends!   The PCWWA Trade Show and Training is a month away, on July 27.  The Special Projects Committee will again be holding a multi-vendor raffle.  The  Pick-A-Prize style raffle was fun and also gave PCWWA an opportunity to better recognize to our generous vendors by placing logos on the bags for […]

Village Filters

PCWWA has a history of reaching out and helping communities outside our own.  In keeping with this characteristic we are pleased to announce that in the coming year we will be focusing our attention to Help Saimo Hills.  Help Saimo Hills is a collection of friends and family who have a deep concern for the living conditions […]