Award Nominations!


The Plymouth County Water Works Association would like your nominations to recognize a member for their outstanding service to our organization and/or the water works industry. Qualified nominees for either award should be a current member of Plymouth County Water Works Association. The description of the two annual awards are below:

Michael T. Coyne Meritorious Service Award is presented to an Active Member in the water works field. They are recognized for their long standing service to the water works profession. Michael Coyne worked for the Weymouth Water Department and was a long time member of Plymouth County Water Works Association serving on the BOD and as Co- Chair of the clambake. The success of today’s clambake can be attributed to Mike. He was instrumental in bringing the Distributors, Engineers, and Consultants into a more active role in the clambake. He was the one that started allowing the vendors to set up booths during the clambake and it was he who started the donations for booth space, which in turn benefited the PCWWA scholarship. Even after he retired from Weymouth he continued an active role in the Association with various duties and responsibilities. He was an individual that you could count on and is a testament to the high quality of Water Dept. personnel that serve this association.

David L. Regan Associate Member Award is presented to an Associate Member in appreciation of outstanding service to the water works profession. Dave Regan started off working for Rockwell in meter sales. He worked a short period of time for the George A. Caldwell Co. and spent over 20 years with Sumner & Dunbar both as a Distributor/ Salesman. He started his company Regan Supply & Testing and built this company on service and integrity. He was a member of Plymouth County Water Works Association and was known as an individual who constantly gave of his time and energy to the Association. He was someone you could rely on and always went above and beyond the call of duty. In memory of David, the BOD of PCWWA thought that it was fitting to name an award in his honor to a Distributor, Consultant, or Engineer who displayed these same qualities and who gave to the Association in an unselfish manner.


TO PLACE YOUR NOMINATION Please email us at Nomination must include the following information: 1. Name of award you are submitting the person for (i.e. Coyne or Regan Award). 2. Your name and contact information. 3. Nominee Information (Name, Company/Town, Position/ Title, Contact information) 4. Tell us why you are nominating this individual for the award: (1,500 words or less please) Awards will be handed out at an upcoming meeting. Please have all nominations submitted by November 4, 2016.

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