Village Filters

PCWWA has a history of reaching out and helping communities outside our own.  In keeping with this characteristic we are pleased to announce that in the coming year we will be focusing our attention to Help Saimo Hills.  Help Saimo Hills is a collection of friends and family who have a deep concern for the living conditions and the lack of clean drinking water in the villages of Saimo Hills, Kenya.  Villagers walk miles to acquire water from a watering hole, but the water is unsanitary and causes illness, but it’s the only source they have.  In response, Help Saimo Hills began providing high quality water filters for the village families.    Each filter costs only $75 USD.  And because everyone involved administratively here in the US and on the ground in Kenya are volunteers 100% of our donations go to the cost of the filters!  For more information visit or follow Vilage Filters on Facebook or @villageracers on Twitter.

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