MassDEP Regulation Promulgated – Certification & Operation of Environmental Analysis Laboratories

Name & Citation of Regulation(s):  310 CMR 42.00 – Certification and Operation of Environmental Analysis Laboratories

Brief Explanation and Rationale for Changes: The regulations at 310 CMR 42.00 establish procedures by which MassDEP certifies laboratories that demonstrate the ability to consistently produce valid data.  The regulations establish minimum criteria for personnel, facilities, equipment, proficiency tests, inspections, methodology employed, and quality assurance/quality control procedures that must be met by laboratories that are certified or that are seeking certification.  Procedures for obtaining and maintaining certification and for the downgrading and revocation of certification status are also specified.

The revisions to the regulations include the following: 1) Improved measures to prevent and detect fraudulent and deceptive laboratory practices; 2) Requirements to ensure the timely reporting of results of drinking water analyses, especially in cases where maximum contaminant levels are exceeded; 3) Updates to the scope of certification to meet the needs of MassDEP programs and their enforcement requirements; 4) Clarifications to the standards and procedures for denial, downgrading, revocation, and reinstatement of certification; 5) Updates to the regulations to include standard MassDEP regulatory language regarding inspections, orders, violations, penalties, and appeals; and 6) Other minor technical corrections, updates, and clarifications.  The revised regulations better promote the timely generation and reporting of good quality data that the MassDEP Drinking Water Program uses for enforcement of public drinking water regulations as required by EPA.  These revisions also further align MassDEP’s Laboratory Certification Program with EPA’s national guidance

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Date of Promulgation:  11/4/2016

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